Pool Products and Parts

At Sparkle Brite Pool Store in Coppell we carry a full line of pool and spa chemicals. We carry a full line of maintenance items and automatic pool cleaners for maintaining your pool. We carry an extensive line of parts, and perform in-store pool cleaner repairs. The diagnosis on your pool cleaner is free, just pay for the parts needed if neccessary. And of course we carry a lot of toys, floats, and games. You need fun stuff for the pool too!


Pool Supplies

At Sparkle Brite Pool Store in Coppell we stock the Regal line of chemicals. They are a high quality American made product at prices that compete with the import stuff. We use it on all of our maintenance pools with confidence. We also have a complete selection of nets, brushes, leaf rakes, vac heads, leaf baggers, poles, etc, etc. We have skimmer and pump baskets as well as all of the other regular pool parts. We carry a complete line of automatic pool cleaners. Some of my customers seem to find it odd, but I like to sell the mid-range cleaners, the ones that I know will perform and work for a long time. That is what I have in my pool. Sometimes the really high dollar ones with the rebate is not necesserily the best buy. We have all kinds of pool floats, toys, and games for the little kids all the way up to us big kids.

Pool Maintenance Programs

At Sparkle Brite Pool Store in Coppell we offer weekly pool maintenance for our area. Below you will see our information sheet we give customers. You can stop by the store and pick up a copy anytime. We will be glad to give you a bid on your pool for weekly service.

Sparkle Brite Pool Store shall perform maintenance, which shall include, but not limit the following work:

  • Clean skimmer basket(s)
  • Clean hair and lint basket at pump
  • Empty automatic pool cleaner bag and check/ clean screen as needed 
  • Test water-and add chemicals as needed Brush waterline tile
  • Brush sides of pool as needed
  • Skim debris from top of water
  • Vacuum or leaf vac as needed
  • Backwash filter as needed, and add D.E. if appropriate 

Service Exceptions:

  • Holidays: On one-call-per-week pools, the service will be made up whether prior to or after the holiday. On multiple-call pools, if the holiday falls on one of the service days, the call will not be made up. 
  • Stormy/ Thunder and Lightning Days: All the normal services will be performed with the exception of vaccuming, leaf-vacing, brushing and skimming. This is due to safety and visibility problems. (We will not allow our technicians to be waving a 16' lightning rod in the air when there is thunder and lightning in the area!)

Other Work or Materials: Service calls, labor and materials to repair or replace parts are not included in weekly maintenance. Prior approval will be needed in advance ( unless other arrangements are made, I.E. blanket approval)  or a simple repair (I.E. new pump lid oring or valve orings.) Old parts will lbe left on site and cost of items will be added to next months billing. 

Terms: All service is paid one month in advance. Our typical pool is $150.00 to $165.00 per month. This does not change whether the month has four or five weeks.This also assumes that the pool and equipment is operational and in good condition upon start up and the pool water is in good condition. Our Service includes the cost of chemicals. The chemicals we use in your pool go above and beyond normal maintenance. We supply tablets, shock, salt, alkalinity increaser, ph increaser, acid and stabilizer. We also use preventative algaecides and stain and scale inhibitors on a regular basis. If either party decides to discontinue service, balance will be refunded at that time. There is no time binding agreement (I.E. when paid in advance and service termination should occur in mid-month, balance will be refunded to customer on a rate of monthly service divided by either 4 or 5 weeks, depending on month). We appreciate your business and work hard to keep it!

Pool Service and Repair

At Sparkle Brite Pool Store in Coppell we perform equipment repair. Our service technician has his residential appliance installers license and is an excellent plumber. He can handle jobs from replacing your pump seal to installing a complete new equipment set. We look at jobs realistically and do not hesitate to repair items that can be repaired rather than instantly trying to sell you new equipment. Feel free to ask for advice about your pool equipment concerns.  


Outdoor Living

At Sparkle Brite Pool Store in Coppell have a lot of games and floats for hanging out at the pool. We also carry a unique line of seasonings. Yes, we have the Good Shit. Along with Special Sh**, Chicken Sh**, Bullsh**, Hot Sh**, BBQ Sh**, and the rest of the line. I am embarrassed to say the product names out loud, but  we have quite a following of customers that regularly buy these products. As embarrassing as it is to talk about,  I don't dare not have it on the shelves. It is really good!